WAE RTTY QTC sending with N1MM+ and TinyFSK

Larry K8UT

Today we discovered a bug that could truncate a transmitted QTC message in the WAE RTTY contest if you are sending WAE QTC messages from N1MM+ in FSK mode with an Arduino running TinyFSK. This bug ONLY applies if you have connected and configured your TinyFSK in the Configurer >Hardware Port column as a direct serial port.

If your configuration uses that type of a serial port definition then you can download a fix from the www.n1mm.com website's >Files Experimental Versions gallery. (or you could reconfigure your station using the methods for MMTTY or 2Tone listed below).

This fix is not required if your TinyFSK is defined within 2Tone as a >Setup >Settings >Tx Operating Mode "TinyFSK TX", or if within MMTTY as an >Options >Settings >TX >PTT & FSK Port = "tinyfsk."

-larry (K8UT)

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