Re: Radio sent invalid CAT DATA

Pete N4KW

Hi Larry,  Yes when the amp is simply connected.  I have one device, the
SPE 1.3K-FA and one app N1MM+ and my xcvr is a FTDx-5000.  When not in a
contest my logging program DXLab is in use and the app that is polling
my xcvr is Commander (part of DXLab) there are no errors shown in
Commander's error file, telling me he does not see any problems while
the SPE linear is connected.  You asked about serial port
sharing/splitting etc.  The cables that is being used has two switches
on the RS-232 connector and I believe has that capability. I plan to
contact the individual who makes these cables and see if he can shed
some light on the problem, I could have the switches in the wrong
position.  One switch controls port sharing and the other controls the
remote feature of the
linear.  Before switching the position of these switches I want to make
sure it does not due any harm.  I need to learn more about cat etc.

73, Pete, N4KW

On 11/6/2018 7:13 AM, Larry K8UT wrote:

The answers to two questions might help identify the source of the

1. When you say "only when my SPE linear is being used" do you mean
when the amp is simply connected? ( a CAT collision problem) or only
when the amp is transmitting? (an RFI issue)

2. How many devices/apps are talking to the radio (which radio?)
simultaneously? Are you using some form of serial port
sharing/splitting device?

-larry (K8UT)

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Subject: [N1MMLoggerPlus] Radio sent invalid CAT DATA

When using N1MM+ I keep seeing a Red Dot in the lower left corner of the
main screen with the note "Radio sent invalid CAT DATA."
The note and the red dot will disappear and come back after a short
while.  I looked to see if N1MM had some kind of "ERROR" file that would
be generated
when encountering any kind of error but unable to find any mention of
such a file.  I spent a lot of time on this yesterday and felt that if I
continued the error could impact on my Cabrilo file  so removed myself
from the SS.

I use DXLab as my logging software and it has error logs for the various
apps.  The commander app that interfaces with my xcvr and CAT does not
show any errors.  I have been testing this situation and found today
that this seems to happens only when my SPE linear is being used.
Any one familiar with this Red Dot and Note.  Could it be a false

73, Pete, N4KW

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