Re: Radio sent invalid CAT DATA

Pete N4KW

Hey Joe,  I really appreciate all the research you must have done to get
down to the connectors pins etc.  I do not quite understand everything.
put have a pretty good idea.  My cables were ordered and made before I
ordered the linear.  My xcvr is a FTDX-5000 and my cables were made by
KC5PCB.  The RS-232 connector that plugs into the SPE 1.3K-FA linear has
two small switches, switch No. 1 switch is TXD and it is off, No.2 switch is
Remote and is On.  With the documentation I received it says to turn OFF
SWitch 1 for serial port sharing. and switch 2 Off to disable remote.

I use the remote function as it allows the SPE front panel's identical
image to appear on my monitor and I can control the linear with the mouse.
As I understand it, if I reversed the switch settings to SW#1 to off
(for serial port sharing) and SW#2 to off the spe would turn on and off
by my xcvr .
Wonder if I turn off SW#1 (allowing serial port sharing) and keep SW#2
on I would still be able to use the remote feature.  Hope you understand
and that
I have not confused you.  I was told that the Default position of the
switches is SW1 OFF and SW2 ON and that is the way I presently have it.

73, Pete, N4KW
ps block diagram of the cables says sw1 should be OFF for just
listening. Does not listening mean that it does not poll?

On 11/5/2018 3:34 PM, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:

The typical configuration for a "Y" is to connect all three wires
(2, 3, 5) between the rig and computer and connect *only* data
from the rig to the "third" device (pins 2, 5 on the rig to the

Per the SPE manual(s), that would be connections to only pin 9
(data) and 4 (ground) as shown in figure 14.2 (pg 48) of the
1.3K-FA manual, fig 14.2 (pg 45) of the 2K-FA manual or Fig 14.2
(pg 39) of the 1K-FA manual.

What this connection does is prevent the amplifier from polling
the rig.  If you intend to operate without a logging program that
polls the rig, use the rig's menu to turn on "auto information"
(rig sends data automatically whenever frequency/band changes)
so the amplifier can follow frequency changes.  The exact menu
item will depend on make/model of transceiver.


   ... Joe, W4TV

On 2018-11-05 3:10 PM, N4KW Pete wrote:
Hi Joe, thanks for replying to my note.  I have a "Y" cable and would
guess that both would be polling but not sure if its at the same time,
and if so then
there could be bumping heads and N1MM cannot decipher that.  Is there a
way I can fix what is happening.  Never gave any thought to both polling
at the
same time.
73, Pete, N4KW

On 11/5/2018 1:59 PM, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:

I have been testing this situation and found today that this seems to
happens only when my SPE linear is being used. Any one familiar with
this Red Dot and Note. Could it be a false positive.
How is your SPE amplifier connected?  Is it simply connected to
*listen* to the data from the transceiver or are you using some
kind of port splitter to allow both N1MM+ and the SPE to poll
your rig at the same time?


   ... Joe, W4TV

On 2018-11-05 11:32 AM, N4KW Pete wrote:
When using N1MM+ I keep seeing a Red Dot in the lower left corner
of the
main screen with the note "Radio sent invalid CAT DATA."
The note and the red dot will disappear and come back after a short
while.  I looked to see if N1MM had some kind of "ERROR" file that
be generated
when encountering any kind of error but unable to find any mention of
such a file.  I spent a lot of time on this yesterday and felt that
if I
continued the error could impact on my Cabrilo file  so removed myself
from the SS.

I use DXLab as my logging software and it has error logs for the
apps.  The commander app that interfaces with my xcvr and CAT does not
show any errors.  I have been testing this situation and found today
that this seems to happens only when my SPE linear is being used.
Any one familiar with this Red Dot and Note.  Could it be a false

73, Pete, N4KW

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