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You need ext fsk modul on mmtty page i think to enable txd on rtty comport

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5. nov. 2018 kl. 21:16 skrev Karin Johnson <karinann@...>:


I am trying setup N1MMLoggerPlus with my Elecraft K2.  I had this working with the old N1MM Logger program

And now can’t seem to get things to work.  I have MMTTY downloaded in a separate directory from N1MM LoggerPlus.

The digital window opens all OK, and when I click on TX in the digital window I can hear the audio AFSK tones all Ok

Coming from my computer.   Here is problem,  I have COM3 selected as the radio control interface and use the DTR pin

On this serial port to control PTT.  I have tested this control function externally with other programs, it works fine.

But with N1MMLoggerPlus and MMTTY I can not get the K2 to go into transmit state via DTR.  I haven’t checked

Whether or not DTR is actual trying to key the radio by monitoring this signal with a scope probe.  The fact DTR actually

Works with other programs such as WSJT-X and WSPR seems to confirm to me that the electrical and functional connection

Is actually there.   Any help would be appreciated.



Karin Anne Johnson  K3UU

Palm Harbor, FL

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