Re: N1MM+ CAT issue with HF AUTO TUNER in SO2V dual VFO mode

Terry Glagowski / W1TR / AFA1DI

The most recent version of the HFAUTO software,, has the capability of selecting WHICH radio is used for the TX CAT information.

I’m not sure I’ve tried it with SO2V rather than SO2R and don’t know what the UDP messaging is with S02V…


73, Terry / W1TR  :  )


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Sent: Friday, October 26, 2018 18:37
Subject: [N1MMLoggerPlus] N1MM+ CAT issue with HF AUTO TUNER in SO2V dual VFO mode


Hello All,S
Earlier today I was in the process of doing my final testing for the contest and an issue cropped up that I can't figure out. 

It involves N1MM+ only in SO2V mode (with both VFO A and VFO-B entry windows open) and the control software for the HF-AUTO tuner. No other logging app does this, just N1MM, so I'm guessing it's a setting within the logger. It does NOT do this if only one entry window is open, or in regular SO1V mode.

Here's what's happening:

I have the antenna tuner software set to use CAT control to poll the radio for the TX VFO frequency. When the entry window for VFO-B is open but VFO-A has focus every few seconds the tuner reads the VFO-B frequency and attempts to move the L/C network to the VFO-B settings. You can observe the VFO-B frequency showing up in the HF-AUTO Tuner software. One second later, the tuner moves back to the VFO-A frequency, waits a few more seconds and repeats the cycle.

Likewise if I'm on VFO-B, the tuner will briefly attempt to move to VFO-A, in exactly the same manner as above, only reversed. This is 100% repeatable. Since I require a tuner on 40 and 80 phone, this means I can't use SO2V in CQWW on those two bands. Is there ANY way around this?

73 - Go FRC!

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