Re: Spectrum Window SDRplay RSP1A


I have the RSPduo and have tried two configurations. The one Rich mentioned above but also another with a slight variation. 
Since running N1MM, keying and having Waterfall Bandmap in the same laptop was occasionally giving me some random
embarrassing keying blips, I discovered the CPU load was quite high and the fan was on all the time. I had another laptop 
so I put Waterfall Bandmap in it and configured N1MM to get data from it remotely. This arrangement works fine and the load is 
shared nicely; no more blips. A Winkeyer would be a nice addition on reflection. I tried this method in last weeks CWT
contest but discovered a different way that I realized works better for me:  I run RSPduo and Omnirig in the 2nd laptop
now. I do give up the N1MM spectrum window & spots. Spots are still in the telnet window if I ever want them. The
advantage I like with this setup is that I can now watch 2 bands with the RSPduo and switch instantly if something
appears on the 2nd band. I have a TS590 and connected the RSP to the DRV port and built a T/R device with a relay that connects
the RSP antenna I/P through a Minicircuits splitter to both antenna ports in the RSP so I can see the two bands. It also terminates
terminates the RSP in a 50 ohm load on transmit though I'm told this is not needed. There is no overloading and in addition
when used in this configuration, the RSP automatically mutes and applies 60dB attenuation. Having RSPduo in the 2nd
laptop gives me more screen real estate too. I needed to use both the USB and RS232 port in the TS590 for CAT
control but this works very well. During the last contest I ran unassisted and relied on SDRuno which was a better indicator of what
I could actually hear with my modest antennas. Until there is a Flex on the desk, this arrangement works for me.
73, Jim VE6JF

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