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If you plug your paddle into the Winkeyer, can you send CW from the paddle? If not, there is something wrong between the Winkeyer and the radio's CW key jack, such as a bad cable, loose connection, etc.

If you can send CW from the WInkeyer using a paddle, but not using the keyboard, the problem is between the WInkeyer and the computer. After checking in the Windows Device Manager that the COM port number that Windows has assigned to the Winkeyer is COM3 , open the N1MM+ Configurer, check that there is an entry for COM3 with Radio set to None and the CW/Other check box checked, click on the Set button for that port, and make sure the Winkey check box in the port setup is checked. You don't need to change any of the other settings in this window.

Rich VE3KI

On Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 12:18 AM, Justin Tabatchnick wrote:



Rig is FT 857D

OS  Windows 10

NIMM ver 1.0.7298.0

Rig control is Comm 5

Winkey set to Comm 3

Using K1EL Wkmini on Comm 3 for paddle


Mode is CW/winkey

No error messages


PC/Rig communications seem to be ok since rig changes in mode and frequency are shown in NIMM however in CW mode with the run button highlighted , when F1 CQ is pressed  or for that matter any function buttons ,the rig goes into transmit but there is no output power .  It’s as if transmit is turned on but nothing is reaching the rig from the PC to transmit. Internal keyer is off but I am able to transmit CW with my Iambic keyer. Cables are connected correctly and swr is good.  Also the same thing happens  with CTRL-K and send CW box opens, I can type in text and the rig will go into transmit but no output power. The Winkeyer was purchased in hopes of solving the problem however it seems that it did not correct the issue. Any help would be appreciated since I’ve been struggling with this for quite some time. I’ve also deleted and reloaded the software.




Justin Tabatchnick  KB2ZVD


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