Re: Continuous key down FT-1000mp Mark V #n1mm

graeme hunt

My radio is the same as yours, FT1000mp MkV. and getting rid of the old .ini file got rid of the problem - don't delete it, just rename it. 
I had even drawn a matrix of all possible settings of the RTS/DTR/PTT via radio etc on both the com ports I'm using, and tried all possible combinations known to man, and a few that God only knew. Nothing changed the fact that the software turned on the TX when loaded, although occasionally if the transceiver was on CW it didn't happen.The only thing that worked was a new .ini file. That's worked fine ever since. I presume you restarted you computer once rid of the old .ini file and that there now a brand new .ini file as well as the one you renamed ?
Graeme ZL1ANH

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