Rotor Control via PstRotatorAz?

Rick Tavan

I'm working on getting rotor control working in what will become a rather complex environment described below. Taking it step by step, I first got working fine on a single computer via N1MM Logger. I can type in a call or heading and alt-J turns the rotor.  Then I set up PstRotatorAz on the same computer and it controls the rotor manually. I used the Setup facility in PstRotatorAz to specify the same Rotor Name that I was using with N1MM_rotor and in the Config | Antennas section of N1MM Logger. I left the default Rotor and Radio ports at 12040 and 12060 in PstrotatorAz Setup | Trackers | N1MM and checked Radio in MM Config | Broadcast Data, set to Rotor is set up there for although there is no check box for that line; I guess it's always active? I type a call sign or heading into the MM Entry Window, hit alt-J, and nothing happens. I suspect MM isn't talking with PstRotatorAz. Any advice?

I'll have more steps to go once I get past this. My eventual target is N1MM Logger running on a control computer that is also running the client side of PstRotatorAz at one QTH, talking to a machine at the other QTH that runs the server side of PstRotatorAz controlling the rotor. But for this step in the evolution, I'm just trying to use MM and PstRotator on a single machine.

Thanks & 73,

/Rick N6XI


Rick Tavan
Truckee, CA

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