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That is the problem. It is not storing the last frequency, at least for the digital mode. Yesterday, when I selected 20m DIG, it always went to 14200, regardless of what frequency I last operated on digital. After one of the many crashes last night, it changed to 14000. Any time I now select 20m DIG, it goes to 14000 and I have to tune to 14070. I also have to manually select USB-D, as N1MM will not change the mode. In the Mode Control configuration, there is no option to select USB-D, even though the documentation says USB-D is supported for the IC-7300. Likewise the other bands, the last digital frequency is not remembered. Sometimes, it will return to the last PH frequency, sometimes it doesn't.

Michael WA7SKG

John Bednar wrote on 10/13/2018 03:34 PM:

Your question wasn't clear. I answered what I thought you were asking about.
The program stores the last frequency used per band and mode. When you return to a band, the software returns to the last used frequency. Make sure you configure Mode Control to program the digital modes correctly for your radio.
John, K3CT
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This does not address the original question. How do I set the frequency the radio goes to when I select a button on the Band Panel? For instance, when I click on 20m DIG, it always goes to 14200. Nobody does digital there. Since I usually use PSK31, I want to go to 14070. So, whenever I hit 20 DIG, I have to retune the radio to 14070 and set it to USB-D. It would be nice if it went to that configuration just by hitting 20m DIG.
Michael WA7SKG
John Bednar wrote on 10/13/2018 01:07 AM:


Right click in the Entry window to set the bands. The modes are determined by the Category Mode selection in the contest setup dialog and the contest rules. The band selection is saved by contest name.

The radio will switch modes if you select the proper option in Configurer, Mode Control tab. The right side of that dialog will determine what mode the radio is programmed to when you click on PSK or RTTY. The left side selections determine if you want the radio mode to change.

John, K3CT

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How do you configure the Band Panel frequencies? When I hover my mouse
over a button it says what frequency it will QSY to. When I select PH,
it seems to go to the last frequency I was tuned to on phone. But when
I go to DIG, I can't get it to go to the digital frequency, i.e. 14070
for 20m. Instead, it goes to 14.200 for 20m Dig and 7251.12 for 40m
3995.93 on 80m DIG. It doesn't seem to matter what frequency I was on the last time I was in DIG mode. Since I predominately use PSK31, I would like it to go to 14070, 7070, and 3580 accordingly. Any way to code this or configure it someplace?

Now, to really dream, it would also be nice if, when I selected DIG, it could switch the mode of my IC-7300 to USB-D and back to USB/LSB when I go back to PH.

Michael WA7SKG

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