Re: RTTY Output to Text


If you are using MMTTY, either as your main decoder or as an RX-only decoder, you can configure that copy of MMTTY to save its received text to files. You can't see this option from the MMTTY window when it is opened from N1MM+, but you can shut down N1MM+ and open that copy of MMTTY stand-alone. It may give you a couple of warning messages about missing files - just ignore those, they aren't used in N1MM+. Use the File > Log RX file(L) menu item to turn this option on, and the File > Options of Received-log menu items to configure it (file location and time stamps). Once this option has been turned on, it is sticky. The files are text files named with the date (yymmdd.txt).

Rich VE3KI

On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 07:19 PM, Hank Garretson wrote:
Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
When I click on Output to Text File, it works.
BUT only for that N1MM+ session. If I close N1MM+ and restart, I have to remember to reclick on Output to Text File.
Am I missing something?
Is there a way to make Output To Text File sticky, like, for instance, Rt Click = Return NOT Menu ?
Contest Exuberantly,
Hank, W6SX

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