Re: N1MM Plus with K3 changes K3 DATA SUBMODE unexpectedly


In the N1MM+ Configurer, select the Mode Control tab. On the right side of the window is an area for "Mode sent to radio". For RTTY, if you want the K3 to be in AFSK A, set the "mode sent to radio" to AFSK. If you want the K3 to be in FSK D, set the "mode sent to radio" to RTTY. For other digital modes, go to the line called PSK, and if you want the K3 to be in DATA A, set the "mode sent to radio" to PSK (despite what it looks like, this will not put the K3 into PSK D - the K3's PSK D mode is not supported by N1MM+).

This "mode sent to radio" is sent whenever you change frequency from the program, whether by entering a new frequency, by clicking on a band panel button, or by jumping to a spot in the Bandmap or Spectrum Display windows. From your description, it was probably set to RTTY, which puts the K3 into FSK D.

Rich VE3KI

On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 03:28 PM, Richard Dievendorff wrote:

I’m an RTTY noobie and I thought I’d try a few QSOs in CQWW RTTY.  It was kinda fun.


I noticed that my K3’s DATA sub mode sometimes changed unexpectedly. This happened several times, and then it would be find for long periods. 


N1MM+ version 1.0.7290

Windows 10 64-bit, 32 GB RAM, i7-6700K @ 4.01 GHz


K3 with KIO3B, USB A to USB B cable from PC to K3, combining radio control, using the sound card in the K3.

K3 MODE DATA, Data Mode AFSK A (at least that’s where I started). No intervening software.

K3 MCU 05.62


No port sharing

RTTY: MMTTY, AFSK, VOX (no PTT or FSK).  VOX went off when the radio jumped from AFSK A to PSK D.


Mostly it worked OK.  But sometimes the K3 changed data sub modes unexpectedly.  I’d manually change it to AFSK A and watch it change right back to FSK D.  I changed it a few times and then it would stick.


Is there an N1MM+ setting or MMTTY setting I’m missing?   I expect this is a cockpit problem.



73 de Dick, K6KR





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