N1MM Plus with K3 changes K3 DATA SUBMODE unexpectedly

Richard Dievendorff

I’m an RTTY noobie and I thought I’d try a few QSOs in CQWW RTTY.  It was kinda fun.


I noticed that my K3’s DATA sub mode sometimes changed unexpectedly. This happened several times, and then it would be find for long periods. 


N1MM+ version 1.0.7290

Windows 10 64-bit, 32 GB RAM, i7-6700K @ 4.01 GHz


K3 with KIO3B, USB A to USB B cable from PC to K3, combining radio control, using the sound card in the K3.

K3 MODE DATA, Data Mode AFSK A (at least that’s where I started). No intervening software.

K3 MCU 05.62


No port sharing

RTTY: MMTTY, AFSK, VOX (no PTT or FSK).  VOX went off when the radio jumped from AFSK A to PSK D.


Mostly it worked OK.  But sometimes the K3 changed data sub modes unexpectedly.  I’d manually change it to AFSK A and watch it change right back to FSK D.  I changed it a few times and then it would stick.


Is there an N1MM+ setting or MMTTY setting I’m missing?   I expect this is a cockpit problem.



73 de Dick, K6KR





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