Re: N1MM "monitor" - feature request?

Peter Krüger

That maybe an interesting request - but it must be setup externally - ATHENA is for sure very good for generic visualization.
On the other hand I think, that SH5! may be used - get the TRN File automatically - convert on second PC to ADIF - load it in SH5! and show the interesting areas.
That can be automated via AutoHotKey how the data should be presented (if the second PC is without keyboard, mouse, ...)

My SW n1mm+toolbox collect the UDP data automatically - and adding some graphically evaluation based on the data could be may be done very easy (I may be only an additional class which is threaded collecting the data and print it out ...). The SW is written in Python3.5 + PyQT5 GUI. As I am not a pythonic guy - it is a little bit ... software ... but it works :)

Overall it may be a real nice project for the winterseason :) -

N1mm+Toolbox -> see at 

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