Configuring for CW with microHam microKEYER II ?

Victor Paul

I come down to the Maya Hill Lodge rental shack in Belize several times a year to do contests and I use N1MM+ for my SSB and RTTY operations.  I'd like to get CW macros and interfacing working, but my initial guesses at how to do it haven't worked, so I'm looking for advice.

The only connection from the laptop is a USB cable to a microHAM micro KEYER II contraption (made in Europe I think).  The micro KEYER II in turn does all the interfacing with the IC-7300, SPE amp, Station Master Deluxe antenna controller etc.  making the various virtual COM ports, audio interfaces etc.  It seems to have a "winkey" capability. 

What do I need to set in the Configurer to get CW from N1MM+ macros etc to key the rig in CW? 

I fly back to Texas tomorrow, but will be back in Belize in 3 weeks, I hope to be educated enough by then to get CW working.

Victor WB0TEV / V31VP

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