..ini.Friday.bak to the rescue

Victor Paul

It pays to read a daily digest from the N1MM+ groups.io.  Yesterday while operating at my favorite rental shack in Belize as V31VP in CQ WW RTTY with 5 hours to go, N1MM+ froze solid.  All the windows became "ghosted" and Windoze gave me the "N1MMplus is Not Responding" message.  A shut down of N1MM+ and a laptop reboot just got me back into that same frozen state.

And then I remembered that N1MM's developers have the program make daily back ups of the .ini file.  Figuring that the .ini file had somehow gotten corrupted I shutdown the program and went into .... MyDocuments/N1MMLogger+ folder.  Finding the file n1mm logger.ini.Friday.bak I opened it with Notepad and then saved it as N1MM Logger.ini overwriting the current .ini file.

Upon relaunch, N1MM+ came up okay, albeit it my Dxpediton log from before the contest, but I was able to simply reopen my CQ WW RTTY log and was back in business with about 20 minutes of down time, most of which was the earlier flailing around until I collected my wits and remembered what I'd learned on this forum.   Maybe an hour later the program froze again and I had to do the same trick, but only lost about 5 minutes I think.

So, this post isn't really a question, but an answer.  Maybe someone in the future will have the same problem and they will remember reading this (and other posts on the same topic) and get fixed quickly.

Victor V31VP / WB0TEV

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