Database disk image is malformed

John Merkel

Just within the past couple days, N1MM+ will no longer start. Instead I get the error screen posted below. If I click "ok" I just get an apparently infinite number of further error screens which I can only stop by halting N1MM+ in Task Manager. 

I am running Windows 10 and just updated N1MM+ on Wednesday, Sept 19, and used it successfully for an event that afternoon. It was after that that this malfunction began to occur. 

I have tried rebooting my machine and re-updating N1MM+. I tried replacing all the existing db files with a recent backup, but I suspect the backup occurred after the problem because that didn't work either. I don't have an older backup available.

Is there a way to repair my db without losing all my qso's?

Thanks and 73 de John AJ1DM

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