Re: F Key Assignment or Reassign another key for Ctrl+Shift+L

Rick Tavan

Check out the macro {CTRLFX}, excerpt from document below. You can map a keystroke into a macro as I did in my earlier example with {PAUSE} and others. I've not used {CTRLFX} but don't see any reason it shouldn't work.

SO2R only. Works with RTTY and CW. Sends on the other radio. Thus a CW Button might look like: "tu EXCH{CTRLF9}" where F9 on the other radio is set to send a CQ. It is important to note that via hotkey Ctrl+Shift+L will turn this feature on or off. When off the CTRLFn macro is ignored. Entry focus moves to the other radio only when the callsign field on the current radio is empty.-"




Rick Tavan N6XI
Truckee, CA

On Sun, Sep 23, 2018 at 1:59 AM Jim M0CKE <makidoja@...> wrote:
Hi Rick

Thanks for the pointer, ok I have autohotkeys working , now im trying to work out how to send CTRL-SHIFT-L as 1 key

Any pointers?


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