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In the Configurer under the Mode Control tab, what do you have selected on the left side ("Mode recorded in log"), and what do you have selected on the right side ("Mode sent to radio") for RTTY and PSK?

If you do not have a rig interfaced for CAT control, what are you relying on to tell you what band and mode the program is in?

Look at the title bar of the Entry window. The first item there is the frequency the fictional radio is on, which is the frequency the next contact will be logged with. The second item is the mode that the fictional radio will be in. After that, the rest of the title should read "Manual - VFO A". Is that what you are seeing?

After you enter the QSO data, are you pressing the Enter key, or clicking on the "Log It" button to log the contact? After the contact is logged, the boxes in the Entry window should empty and the contact data should appear in the Log window. If the current contest requires exchange data (the DX "contest" does not), if that data is missing or invalid the contact will not be logged. There will be an error message in the status line at the bottom of the Entry window. If you hit Enter or Log It a second time, a warning message will appear, and you can force the contact to be logged by responding to that message. Once the contact is logged, the program should be in the same state it started in, ready for the next contact.

If you type a new frequency into the Entry window and press Enter, does the frequency in the title bar change? If you have the Bandmap window open, the frequency should appear in bold near the top of the Bandmap window, and it should be the same as the frequency in the Entry window's title bar. The mode should appear in smaller type below the frequency in the Bandmap window. Note that frequencies are in kHz (e.g. 14025 for 14025 kHz) . If you type 14 and press Enter, the frequency will stay on the current band, 14 kHz above the bottom of the band.

If you type CW into the Entry window and press Enter, does the mode in the title bar change to CW? Ditto for USB/LSB; SSB should change it to either USB or LSB depending on the band.

If you type in the name of a digital mode, the mode that appears in the title bar will depend on what you have set in the Configurer under Mode Control, on the right side of the window. Also, the Digital Interface window should open. Does the DI window open?

Right-click in the Entry window and look at the popup menu that appears. Is "Show Band Panel" checked? Is "Band Button Left Click Enabled" checked? Both of these need to be checked for the band panel buttons to work. 

If they are both checked, when you click on one of the buttons does the frequency in the title bar change to a frequency somewhere in that band, and the mode to the appropriate mode? PH should change the mode to either USB or LSB; what PSK changes the mode to depends on the Mode Control settings in the Configurer.


On Sat, Sep 22, 2018 at 11:51 AM, Jim Funk wrote:

Rick, I’ve been away all week and just now getting back to this.

I do NOT have CAT control set up. (Yes, I should do this, but that’s another issue….)

No SO2R setup.

In a “clean” log, with the mode set to SSB+CW, I can change modes and bands by clicking on the band buttons beneath “CW” or “PH”.  I can enter a frequency or “CW” or “LSB” or “USB” and the band and/or mode changes.

After I enter one QSO, I can change modes on that band but cannot change bands by clicking on the band buttons on the left nor by entering a frequency in the window unless I exit the program and restart it.

If in Mode I select “SSB+CW+DIGI”, I can change bands by going from the current mode to PSK and then change bands and then select the desired mode.

It makes no sense to me, but that’s what I’m seeing.

73, Jim N9JF


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Are you sure you are unable to change bands using the band panel buttons? The red color on the band button for another band does not mean that band is locked out. It means that station would be a new multiplier on that band. If the station would be a new QSO but not a new multiplier, the band button will be blue. If the band button stays grey, that means you have already worked that station on that band. Whether the buttons for other modes change color or not may depend on the multiplier rules for the contest type (e.g. can you work the same station again on another mode, or does working someone on CW make them a dupe on SSB on that band?). See <>.

Frequency entry should work the same way whether a station has been logged or not. You can enter a frequency in kHz (e.g. 14025 to QSY to 14025 kHz), or in kHz above the band edge (if you are on 40m, 25 will go to 7025 kHz), or you can QSY up or down using a + or - sign (e.g. +5 to QSY up 5 kHz, or -2 to QSY down 2 kHz). See <> .

I'd suggest that you should check to make sure that both direct frequency entry and the band panel buttons are working before you log any contacts. If either of them doesn't work, your rig control interface is not working correctly. If frequency and band changes work before you log a contact, they should work equally well after logging a contact. The color of the buttons in the band panel should not affect their functioning, they should work the same regardless of what color they are.

Note that if you are set up for SO2R, or if you are set up for a multi-2 or multi-multi with networking active, there may be lockouts in effect that will prevent the radio from QSYing to the same band that another radio is on. This should not affect single-op contest categories in SO1V or SO2V with networking turned off.

Rich VE3KI

On Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 11:14 PM, Jim Funk wrote:

I've been using N1MM+ version 1.0.7283 and am unable to change bands "normally". Probably something simple I'm missing, but I've run out of ideas. Here's what I'm seeing:

If I select "SPRINTCW" as the log type and enter one QSO (on 80 CW for example), as soon as I enter the other station's info, the bands (80/40/20) on the left are blocked in red. It is then impossible to change bands without exiting the program and restarting it, When I restart, I can select any band, but as soon as I make a contact, band selection doesn't work. Typing a frequency in the entry window has no effect.

If I select "DX" or "DXPedition" as the log type, the same problem occurs if I select SSB + CW as the mode. However, if I select SSB + CW + DIGI, I can now make a contact on 40 CW and select 40 PSK and then change to 80 PSK and then to 80 CW without restarting.

Any ideas?
73, Jim N9JF


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