Re: Windows 10

John Becker

From: ai3q
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2018 09:30:07 PDT
FYI, I have not used N1MM since June and when I decided to upgrade to the latest version to setup for the coming CQWWDX RTTY contest I found that windows 10 would not load the userpara file and when I setup N1MM and closing the program it would not update the mmtty.ini file. Thinking it was a problem cause by the windows update I tried to find what happened. Long story short it turned out to be that windows was blocking the changes. Can be seen in the notifications window. Solution is simple to fix. you must give access to each file that is blocked. It is added to the the app that allows the files to be changed. After I allowed each file the files were then good to go and mmtty.ini was saved with the changes. Hope this helps anyone that has encountered this problem. Windows 7 was much simpler to use IMHO.
Which is the app that allows the files to be changed?

John, K9MM

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