Re: PC keying transceiver on CW

Donald Rasmussen

Thanks George - I would like them all to work! The current solution is using an LPT1 pin connected to a phono plug that goes into any one of the transceivers I want. In addition I am able to Y-connect the output of my CMOS-4 keyer with the LPT1 so that I can hand key when necessary. I love to build so it looks like Mortty or Winkey have attractive options.

de Wb8yqj Don

On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 02:48 PM, GIWagner@... wrote:
Don, your question is wide open!  You'll have to use USB to communicate between your new computer and your radio.   But exactly how you do that depends on which transceiver.  You show three different brands of radios, so which one are you referring to?

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