Re: PC keying transceiver on CW

Don, your question is wide open!  You'll have to use USB to communicate between your new computer and your radio.   But exactly how you do that depends on which transceiver.  You show three different brands of radios, so which one are you referring to?

Once you have figured that out, and your radio is talking to the computer, you can use N1MM+ to directly key the radio.  This is probably the most cost effective way to key your radio, as it does not require an external keyer.

73, George K5KG

On Sep 7, 2018, at 14:39, Donald Rasmussen via Groups.Io <wb8yqj@...> wrote:

Just got a new computer, has no serial or parallel ports - wondering what the most cost effective way for N1MM to key my transceiver would be?

de Wb8yqj Don
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