Re: WKUSB Speed Pot Control dysfunctional


Whether the Winkeyer speed control works or not depends on two things: (1) you must be using the Winkeyer for CW, which means the CW/Other check box must be checked for the serial port that the Winkeyer is using (and not for any other port configured for CW keying), the WinKey check box must be checked in the port setup for that port, and there must be a cable between the Winkeyer's CW keying output and the rig's CW key jack; and (2) the "Ignore Winkey Speed Pot" option in the Configurer under the Winkey tab must not be checked.

The only time you would check the CW/Other check box on the radio control port would be if you were using direct serial port keying on one of the control lines (usually DTR) of the radio control serial port; you said you are trying to use a WKUSB for CW, so that should not be the case. If you are using a Winkeyer to send CW, you do not check CW/Other on the radio control serial port, and you do not set DTR (or RTS) on the radio control port to key CW. Do not try to configure two different serial ports for CW simultaneously with the same radio. Decide which one you are using and then configure it and only it to send CW,

To use the Winkeyer for CW keying, you must have a cable connected between the Winkeyer's keying output and the rig's (any rig's) CW key jack. That's how the Winkeyer works - the computer sends ASCII text (and commands) to the Winkeyer over its serial port, and the Winkeyer converts the ASCII to Morse code and uses its CW Key output to convey the CW keying to the rig.

You may have been confused by the fact that the K3/K3S can accept direct serial port keying on its own radio control port (with the correct setting of CONFIG:PTT-KEY in the K3) - but this is not using the Winkeyer, it is configuring the program to toggle a line on the radio control serial port directly for on-off CW keying, which does not involve a Winkeyer. If you have been checking the CW/Other check box on the radio control port and setting its DTR to key CW, you were most likely using the radio control port and not the Winkeyer to key CW, in which case it would be no surprise that the Winkeyer's speed pot would not do anything.

The program automatically selects the correct DTR and RTS settings on a serial port that has the WinKey check box checked in the port settings - you do not need to change them - but for reference, they are DTR Always On and RTS Always Off. Do not confuse these with DTR and RTS on the radio control port. If you are using the WInkeyer for CW and PTT keying, the normal setting with a K3/K3S would be to set DTR and RTS to Always Off on the radio control port.

Rich VE3KI

On Mon, Sep 3, 2018 at 04:00 PM, Art Davis wrote:
OK, making a some progress but not there yet. After reinstalling mm on a different computer completely re-reading the manuals for everything, , the situation is that I can either have the speed control pot function properly, or have the N1MM/WKUSB actually key the radio (K3)!  I consider this to be progress because it confirms that the hardware is all working, I just can't quite get everything configured exactly right. It seems to come down to whether or not I have the CW/other box(es) checked on one or both com port lines..
Q1: With a winkey installed, should the CW/Other boxes be checked on both or just the winkey port?
Q2: There is no need for a cable running from the winkeyer to the radio for keying the XMTR. That's done thru the serial port cable, right?
Can someone confirm the proper DTR and RTS settings in the winkey config page for using a WKUSB with a Elecraft K3?

Thanks, Art N4UC

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