Re: WKUSB Speed Pot Control dysfunctional

Art Davis

OK, making a some progress but not there yet. After reinstalling mm on a different computer completely re-reading the manuals for everything, , the situation is that I can either have the speed control pot function properly, or have the N1MM/WKUSB actually key the radio (K3)!  I consider this to be progress because it confirms that the hardware is all working, I just can't quite get everything configured exactly right. It seems to come down to whether or not I have the CW/other box(es) checked on one or both com port lines..
Q1: With a winkey installed, should the CW/Other boxes be checked on both or just the winkey port?
Q2: There is no need for a cable running from the winkeyer to the radio for keying the XMTR. That's done thru the serial port cable, right?
Can someone confirm the proper DTR and RTS settings in the winkey config page for using a WKUSB with a Elecraft K3?

Thanks, Art N4UC

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