Re: CW / SSB Freq Toggle

Joe Subich, W4TV


What is the "Radio Polling Rate" for the K3 radio port in
N1MM+? Set it to "100% slower" and see if that doesn't
improve the reliability. If "100% slower" works, then try
"50% slower".

Polling for 8 parameters every 100 ms can be too much for
the K3. In addition, if clicking on the bandmap results
in a band change, Elecraft's programmer's documentation
calls for waiting 500 ms between sending a "change frequency"
command and any further polling/commands.


... Joe, W4TV

On 2018-09-03 1:42 PM, Drew Vonada-Smith K3PA wrote:
Hi John,
No, this is running through microHam router, but nothing else is using the serial ports at the time.  No sharing software.
Drew K3PA

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