Re: Invalid CAT Data

Pete N4KW

Hi John it's the 5000.  I also use DXLab and there are no issues with
CAT when using that software.  This has only recently appeared while
using N1MM.  I will go ahead and try some chokes on my USB cables and
see if that stops it.  I am using hardware control.
I was hoping that N1MM might have some kind of error file that might
tell me what exactly it was seeing.  DXLab has that feature and it sure
is a very good tool.
Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.

73, Pete, N4KW

On 8/22/2018 10:10 PM, John Bednar wrote:

If hardware flow control is recommended in the manual, make sure you have the interface configured for hardware flow control.

Could also be caused by RF.

I am guessing it's a Yaesu radio, FT-2000 or FT-991?

John, K3CT

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The last few times I have used N1mm+ there is a red dot in the lower
left corner of the main window that says
"Radio sent invalid CAT date.

My SPE linear follows the xcvr with (Freq, and band data) but I have no
clue, I understand the statement, but how does one track that problem down?

73, Pete, N4KW

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