IC-7300 Resources Page: UPDATE 23 JULY 2018

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IC-7300 Resources Page: UPDATE 23 JULY 2018


I have just updated the IC-7300 Reference Page, which incorporates several items of new material since the February update:


First of all, thanks to the many people who sent me emails over the last few months since the introduction of the IC-7300 Resources Page last November. The reaction continues to be very positive, and several people included details of items to add to the site.

What’s new this month:

DOCUMENTATION The Icom firmware v1.30 manual

SOFTWARE There is a new entry for the home page of the Silicon Labs Virtual COM port driver for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android.

FIRMWARE Icom recently released version 1.30 of the IC-7300 firmware.
Remember: the firmware update process includes a full reset of the rig, so if you have made any changes to user settings that you want to keep, you should save them first on an SD card, and load them back in again after the firmware update. Also remember that each firmware upgrade contains all previous upgrades, so there is no need to revert to previous versions.

HOWTOs Added links to three documents:
— Push2Tune: Detailed Push-to-Tune schematic for the IC-7300, by
— HOW to use fldigi and flrig with the IC-7300, by John Wells, KB0NE
— SO2R with two IC-7300s, by JA1NLX

OTHER SOFTWARE Added link to Win4Icom site

OTHER HARDWARE Three additions to this page:
— FA-AS Automatic Antenna Selector
— Analog S-meter PCB
— Wire Bale Desk Stand

That’s it for the new entries this time. I hope you find the site useful, and as usual I welcome any additions and corrections to the site for the next update to the G3NRW IC-7300 Resources Page.

26 July 2018.

Ian, G3NRW

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