IC7300 and Voice Files #n1mm #IC7300

Andre Schinkel

Hey guys,

what do I need to transmit the wav files from the computer?

I know that there is a cat command for playing the internal (TRX) voice memos from the function keys, but does it work with the files from the computer, too?

Its set up already, but I cant get the TRX to key up. When I hit "Transmit" on the 7300, it transmits the wav from n1mm fine.

For CW I use RTS to key. So how (if at all) can I configure TRX and software to call CQ for me :) As far as I know, the VOX doesn't work on the internal soundcard. 
Can I add a additional cat command to the F-key macro?

Thanks for any suggestions

Andy / DG7LAN

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