Re: country files question

Dave Sumner

Under "Tools" click on "Download and install latest country file (wl_cty.dat)" on each computer.

Good luck in FD!

Dave K1ZZ

On Friday, June 22, 2018 7:51 PM, K3ILC <je_madsen@...> wrote:

OK -- I set up N1MM for Field Day across 3 PCs.  On all of them under the "messages" tab, I keep getting the message "wl_cty.dat version for this station is VK9W, the version for <<computer name.. is FT/J ... ."  And it gives me a warning that logging results might be different on the different PCs.  Does this really need to be updated for Field Day?  If not how can I shut that message off?  BTW, I searched on that quote and it took me to
On that page there are two download links.  One is for "N1MM 8.6.2 and later", and the other is for "N1MM 8.6.1 and earlier".  I have N1MM v1.0.7193.0 , which bears little resemblance to either of those versions.  (I appreciate answers to my newbie requests -- sorry).


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