Live Log Update N1MM+ to N3FJP for ARRL Field Day...

Gerry Hull

Hi Fellow Field Day Ops,

I'm a diehard N1MM+ user.   The guys I do FD with prefer to use N3FJP's ARRL Field Day Logger.  There's nothing wrong with that, but everyone like to stay motivated seeing the logs update.

Al, NS1O prompted me to think about this for a minute...

Rather than being an island by myself, since both N1MM+ and N3FJP both "expose" themselves, I wrote a little app to take N1MM UDP broadcast data and plug it into N3FJP via N3FJP's TCP API interface:


The lil app (Log can be scaled to show many less lines):


- This is specific to Field Day
- It only sends log information FROM N1MM+ to N3FJP ARRL Field Day Logger
- No, I'm not going to make it do any more before Field Day.
- It will run on 32 or 64 bit Windows OS, but requires .Net Framework 3.5, same as N1MM+
- The instructions for use are right in the User Interface.
- Run the app on the same computer as N1MM+

The EXE is attached as a ZIP file with the extension "exefile", to get around Virus scanners.
Just change the extension to "exe".  Before running on Windows 10, right click the exe, choose properties, and check the UNBLOCK checkbox.

Have fun, eat great food, and most especially, MAKE a LOT of QSOs on Field Day!

See ya from K1B (K1BKE) 4A (I'll be doing 40m)


Gerry Hull, W1VE  Hancock, NH USA
gerry@... ph: 1-617-CW-SPARK (find me)

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