CQ-Repeat is lost with {WIPE}{F1}

Bill, K2PO

On my K3, after a CQ with no answer (with CQ-Repeat set), I'll hit A/B and briefly tune for stations.  A callsign will occasionally pop into log window.  When I'm ready to resume CQing, I hit A/B again, and hit F8, which I've programmed with {WIPE}{F1}.  This has the desired effect of clearing the log window, and sending a CQ.  But the CQ doesn't auto-repeat.  I have to hit the F1 button to get CQ-Repeat operative again.  (The same behavior happens whenever I hit the F8 button; it doesn't seem to involve the A/B operations.  It isn't specific to F8 either; it does the same if F7 is programmed that way.)


It seems the {F1} macro should re-activate CQ-Repeat, just as pressing the F1 key does.  Is this a bug, or am I missing some rationale for this behavior?


/Bill, K2PO

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