Re: Sending stops after first character

Dave, I have had that problem of the function key sending only a single character and then nothing more.   When it did happen, I would reboot, which seemed to cure the problem for while. It has not happened recently, and that may be because I added ferrites to a bunch of cables.

73, George, K5KG

On 5/25/2018 2:35 AM, David Sumner wrote:

I think I've seen this problem mentioned before but I can't locate it in the archive.

Getting ready for CW WPX (as NW7R), sometimes when I hit a function key only the first character of the stored message or callsign is sent and then it appears to hang up. I can get out of it by hitting Escape but I'd rather not have to do that a few hundred times this weekend.

I was QRT for 9 days while on a road trip to Dayton and the Windows 10 update was done when I turned the computer back on. Rebooting doesn't seem to help. I'm running N1MM+ V.1.0.7177.0.

All help appreciated.

Dave K1ZZ


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