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Rick Ellison

In the docs on the website it shows that you do actually have to enter some things for the TX,RX, and ESC routines so the program knows what to send to the Tiny. You do not need to setup the Tiny where you have to use 2-Tone only  the program talks directly to the Tiny so that part is no longer needed.


73 Rick N2AMG


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Subject: Re: [N1MMLoggerPlus] MORTTY Working


Hi Jim, that is correct.  In the macros, you always designate {tx} and {rx}.  This is 'abstract' to the device you are using.  For example if you have MMTTY setup, N1MM knows how to tell MMTTY to switch between transmit and receive and the same holds true for other RTTY devices / modems like what TinyFSK will appear to be when setup with 2Tone etc...  typically, I don't believe you would ever need to put anything special in the macros., but {tx} and {rx} will always be required so N1MM can take care of sending the tx / rx to the software you have told N1MM to use.

Sounds like you got it all setup and working.  Nice!

I just built a MORTTY tonight for a friend and will building 3 more this week.  Very slick design and compact.  I'm sold... :)  The price can't be beat either.

Max NG7M

Max NG7M

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