Fresh Install


I know when you remove programs, a lot of times stuff gets left behind.
So then when doing a new install, it really is not totally like the "First Time".

So when after removing N1MM+ what may be left behind I should remove to make a "Install" as close as possible to a never installed before installation?

I finally got my club willing to try N1MM+ at Field day, after hearing from so many of them how complicated N1MM+ is, I told them it is ONLY as complicated as you want it to be and showed them this.

OK People that say N1MM+ is too complicated.
Is this too complicated?

You type in the left window the stations call,,
Class in the class window,,
section in the section window,,
if all is good hit enter and it's in the log. Done, Next contact please?
Is that hard and too complicated?

So tyhey admit they were mis informed. But now people are confused on the install process.

So I want to make a step by step video of a brand new install.

Hence the need to make it as close to a never been installed before as possible.

So after un installing it, what may be still hanging around?


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