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I had a fair amount of interference problems using n1mm+ and my normal setup with a Winkeyer.  K1ERL advised me to run Winkeyer direct to the PC rather than through a USB hub.  I did as he suggested and the problem is mostly corrected.  I have been using the USB hub for connecting the wireless mouse and keyboard with not much problem.  Sometimes a mistuned xcvr will cause some problems but usually nil if tuned correctly.

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Dennis, K2SX


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Sent: May 13, 2018 9:24 AM
Subject: [N1MMLoggerPlus] Use of USB ports


I will be part of a small DXpedition to HQ9X for the WPX CW contest.  Since the laptop I'm bringing has only two working USB ports and I do have a powered USB port extender, what's the best way to set up the ports?

I have to connect:
USB radio cable (for an IC7610- audio codec also used)
USB cable for Winkey
USB port for wireless mouse

Since I only have two working USB ports, the USB port extender will require the use of one of the USB ports.  Obtaining a new laptop is not an option. 

What should be plugged directly into the radio, and what should be plugged into the USB hub?  Does it make a difference?

Dennis W1UE

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