FT8 and FD

John N2HMM

This past Friday I went to a presentation by Joe Taylor K1JT the principle software designer of FT8, JT65, WSPR etc.  It was very interesting stuff.


But he specifically mentioned that FT8 is not designed for a contests like Field Day and should not be used for FD.  The ARRL agrees with this viewpoint (I called to ask their opinion).


At the moment they are working on a Beta version called "FT8 DXpedition Mode" but it's not ready for full release.  After it is released (they've had three trial tests already) a "FT8 Contest Mode" will be developed.  There will be a 2 to 3dB penalty in sensitivity since they'll have to accommodate a longer string of characters (wider bandwidth).  A small price to pay during a solar minimum.  So maybe next year.








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