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Do your FT8 QSOs in the N1MM+ log include the received exchange in the correct columns in the log window? If not, they will be assigned zero points.

The standard FT8 QSO does not include the Field Day exchange. The only way to send the FD exchange to another station in FT8 is to put it in a free-text (13-character) message, most likely at the end of the QSO. It would not be at all surprising if received free-text messages were not passed on to N1MM+ at all. Even if they were passed on in a comment field, N1MM+ would not recognize them as contest exchanges - there is no standard format for comments that could be used to reliably extract exchange information.

I believe you will probably have to enter the received exchange into N1MM+ by hand after the contact is logged. Following that, in order to get the program to assign points to the contact and to record the dupe/non-dupe status correctly, you will have to do a Tools > Rescore Current Contest. You are going to have to rely on N1MM+'s worked/not worked (dupe/non-dupe) status to tell you whether you can safely work another station or not, because WSJT-X does not distinguish between bands when notifying you of "worked before" status.

It all seems very clumsy - you could probably complete two or three RTTY or PSK63 contacts in the time it takes to make an FT8 QSO, take note of the received exchange, edit the N1MM+ log to include the received exchange data in the correct places, and rescore the contest in order to update the worked/not worked status of that call sign in the N1MM+ log.

FT8 will probably work well enough in a VHF contest where the only exchange data is grid square information that is already included in the FT8 protocol, but trying to adapt FT8 for other contests seems a bit like a courier service trying to adapt a race car to deliver small packages - no doubt it can be done with enough ingenuity, but why?

Rich VE3KI

On Sun, May 13, 2018 at 03:59 pm, Anita Kemmerer wrote:

We are testing FT8 with N1MM for Field Day.  It does not appear that QSOs with the mode FT8 are counting toward the score – they show up with zero points.  Does the Field Day contest file need to be updated to support FT8 or is there something we are doing wrong?




Anita, AB1QB

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