Re: NE QSO Party problem. SOLVED!!

Gerald Boutin (VE1DT)


This issue is confusing to users because correcting the EXCHANGE is insufficient to correct the logged QSO record. Even after the EXCHANGE has been corrected and a Tools/Rescore done, the QSO will still only show 0 points.

The problem field is the SECTION field which will still have "ERR" in it instead of the State. This field must also be manually edited using the QSO record editor to remove the "ERR". Then a Tools/Rescore will show the correct points for the QSO.

Compounding the issue is that many users would have double clicked the EXCHANGE in the Log window to make the correction and would not be aware that the problem is in the SECTION field. The resultant popup Window after correcting the EXCHANGE continues to indicate that the problem is with a "Missing /Invalid Exchange".

The ideal solution would be to have the program recalculate the SECTION from the corrected EXCHANGE entry. The issue is not new and goes back to at least v1.0.5924.0.

This issue also exists in the CA QSO party, so it may also occur in otherĀ  QSO party contests as well. On the other hand, once the correct EXCHANGE has been entered, the Cabrillo file is correct other than for the claimed score.

Gerald, VE1DT

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