Re: Numbering of QSO, SntNR, resets after each period.

Jaan, SM9X

Good morning.
I have been running this test four times on two different updates, v.1.0.7147.0  and the previous. The problem occured all the time. The MINITESTCW sets my SntNr to 001 after exactly 10 minutes through out the whole test. That is five times in 1h.

I had another question from Steve N2IC asking if I'm using one of my User Defind Contest? No, I have no user defind contest with that name. However I have a few that I have been playing around with but twith completely different naming.

I will try this weekend and do a simulation and run the above test on latest upgrade like you suggested Gerald.

Is there any chance or possibility to remove any file that could cause this problem, .ini or other file that could cause some confusion when running this or any other test?
73 de Jaan

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