N1MM Crash

Jim Smith

N1MM won't start.  I get a message saying, "If this box appears unexpectedly, then your N1MM Logger.ini file may be corrupted. Press Cancel, then go to your N1MM installation folder and copy one of the N1MM Logger.ini.[DayofWeek].bak files to N1MM Logger.ini."

I'm running Win7 ultimate.  Where is this installation folder?

I think I'm missing some sub-folders.  Isn't there one called User Files or something like that?  The ones I see below N1MM LOGGER + are:
Call History
Function Keys
Skins and Layout

I don't see any [DayofWeek].bak files (although I have earlier.  Don't know where, though.)

I have a 2nd computer on the N1MM network which, oddly, is exhibiting the same symptoms.  Well, given that N1MM isn't running, it's network isn't either.


73, Jim  VE7FO

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