Setting bandmap

Knut Meland

Setting min and max frequencies on the bandmap can be a little tricky. 
Right clicking in the bandmap shows one of two:
1. A short menu to set min and max frequencies for cw and digi segments.
2. A long menu to set many other values.
I supposed that right-clicking in the light part of the window would show menu 2 and right-clicking in the dark part to the left would show menu 2.
I was confused when the long menu appeared when right clicking in the dark part.
Finally I found out that I have to click right on the numbers to get the short menu. Clicking in the spaces over and under the numbers show the long menu.
Is this convenient or not?
Initially I thought it might be a bug, but now I am not quite sure about it. 
73 de Knut LA9RY

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