Re: IC-7700 in RTTY going back to USB

Knut Meland


Thanks! Had to change the setting in Config > Mode Control

RTTY to RTTY fixed the problem. It was RTTY to USB.

73 de Knut



Telnet spots often do not include the mode. When this occurs the program assigns a mode based on the user programmable frequenc to mode. I expect the program “assigned SSB mode” to some spots. This explains why the radio changed. You can hover over the spots in the Bandmap and the tool tip will indicate how the mode was assigned.  


There are several ways to correct what you experienced.


-          Set the frequency to mode mapping correctly. This will assign a mode you like to the spot when it is not included in the comment. I expect this was not set correctly.


-          Tell the program that you do not want the radio mode to change with the spot (Configurator, Mode Control tab).


John, K3CT


From: [] On Behalf Of Knut Meland
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2018 2:28 AM
Subject: [N1MMLoggerPlus] IC-7700 in RTTY going back to USB


This occurred in EARTTY contest this weekend:
When using CTRL+ arrow up or CTRL arrow down to go to next spot on the bandmap, the radio changed from RTTY mode to USB mode.
The same thing happened when using CTRL+page down og CTRL+page up to change band.
Had to push the RTTY button on the radio to get back to business.
Using MMTTY in FSK mode. 
Interface: Microham II
Windows 10
How do we get the radio back to a more normal behavior?
73 de Knut LA9RY

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