Re: Default RST?

Rag LB-Three-RE Stein-Roar


Just change in macro for run or S@P

I am looking for macro settings, but its gone.
I had a sheet for n1mm classic.

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6. apr. 2018 kl. 23:12 skrev Bostjan Voncina <bostjan.voncina@...>:

that is the default exchange and i think it is programmed that way...sorry i cannot help you further with that.One of the team will tell you if that is even possible 
bostjan s55o

V pet., 6. apr. 2018 23:10 je oseba Conrad, PA5Y <g0ruz@...> napisala:

I mean so that when I enter a call the default changes. What you describe only seems to change it for the current QSO, I already know how to do that. I mean so that the default auto fill is 559 and 599.


Conrad PA5Y

On 06/04/2018 23:05, Bostjan Voncina wrote:
press tab or click with the mause on the rst..change the number and then press the exch key

bostjan s55o

V pet., 6. apr. 2018 23:03 je oseba Conrad, PA5Y <g0ruz@...> napisala:
Hello all. I only do EU VHF contests, how can I change the default CW
RST from 599 to 559?

Many thanks in advance.


Conrad PA5Y

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