Log Window Not Preserving Zero Column Width

Gerald Boutin (VE1DT)

In modifying the default column width settings in the log window, I note that changing a column width to zero is not remembered when the log is closed and reopened. As a workaround, I can carefully tweak the width to near zero width and that setting is persistent.

Using 1.0.7142.0 with Windows 10 and Chrome browser. I see it in both RussianDX and UK/EI, so I don't think it is contest specific. However, I do think this one has been around for quite some time.

To reproduce:
1. Open a log and adjust two log column widths, one to zero width and another so that it is obvious it was changed.
2. Open a different log.
3. Open the previous log. The zero width setting is back to what it previously was and the other modified setting is maintained.

My expectation is that all column width modifications should be preserved. I can always restore a zero width column if I need to by doing an Auto-Set or Delete Custom column widths.

Gerald, VE1DT

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