Re: N1MM Corrupt on Startup


It's almost impossible to know what is happening from your description. Can you be a bit more specific about the error messages, and about the state they leave the program in?

Reinstalling will not fix anything. If your program used to work, the problem is not in the installation., and reinstalling will leave whatever caused the problem (either your configuration or the database) unaffected.

What have you changed between the last time it worked and now? New .mc file? Trying a phone contest for the first time? Or maybe the latest update to your anti-malware software getting more aggressive? Something must be different.

Rich VE3KI

On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 04:30 am, Thomas Rieff (K0YR) wrote:
Last night I thought I would play a little in the WPX.
In starting N1MM, it gave multiple  error messages which look like corrupt databases.
Other than reinstalling, any options to correct?
Will my settings be saved?
This has been flawless until this point.
Thanks in advance for your comments.

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