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Hi Bud,

I don't have any experience with Win4K3Suite, but I do use an SDRPlay RSP2 with N1MM+ with the help of N2IC's Waterfall Bandmap software. This works well in either of two configurations - with the RSP connected to the K3's IF OUT jack, or with it connected to a splitter in a jumper between the K3's RX ANT OUT and RX ANT IN jacks. N1MM+'s Spectrum Display window works with the Waterfall Bandmap program.

When using the RX Ant loop, the Waterfall Bandmap settings are simple: no offset, do not check SDR at IF, do not swap I&Q.

When using the IF, I check the SDR at IF box and enter the IF (8215 kHz), I have to check the Swap I&Q box on all bands except for 6 meters, and the offset with 8-pole roofing filters is zero on CW, -1500 for LSB and +1500 for USB (there may also be an 85 Hz offset for RTTY). If you use IF shift, or with some combinations of sidetone pitch and IF bandwidth in CW, the IF offset might need a bit of tweaking. The offset becomes more complicated if you use 5-pole roofing filters, because of the filter offset.

Using the IF puts the RSP behind the bandpass filtering in the K3, which might be an advantage for this method in an SO2R setup. It might also make antenna switching simpler if you use separate RX antennas.

Rich VE3KI

On Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 10:32 am, Bud Trench wrote:

I recently purchased a RSP1A and would like to integrate it with N1MM+.  My station is configured for SO2R and features 2 Elecraft K3S’s and a microHAM mK2R+.


I have downloaded SDRPlay and I’ve been successful in integrating the RSP1A with Win-Test using Omni-Rig.  I realize the N1MM+ does not support Omin-Rig (too bad).


I’ve seen several messages on this group suggesting the RSP1A / N1MM+ integration can be accomplished using Win4K3Suite.  Are there any concerns related to running Win4K3Suite in a configuration that includes the mK2R+?


Are there any other options for accomplishing the RSP1A / N1MM+ integration?


Does anyone have a step by step procedure for accomplishing the RSP1A / N1MM+ integration?


Thanks in advance,


Bud AA3B

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