RSP1A / N1MM+ Integration

Bud Trench

I recently purchased a RSP1A and would like to integrate it with N1MM+.  My station is configured for SO2R and features 2 Elecraft K3S’s and a microHAM mK2R+.


I have downloaded SDRPlay and I’ve been successful in integrating the RSP1A with Win-Test using Omni-Rig.  I realize the N1MM+ does not support Omin-Rig (too bad).


I’ve seen several messages on this group suggesting the RSP1A / N1MM+ integration can be accomplished using Win4K3Suite.  Are there any concerns related to running Win4K3Suite in a configuration that includes the mK2R+?


Are there any other options for accomplishing the RSP1A / N1MM+ integration?


Does anyone have a step by step procedure for accomplishing the RSP1A / N1MM+ integration?


Thanks in advance,


Bud AA3B

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