Creating Second Instance of LoggerPlus

Fred - NA2U

I need to create a second instance of LoggerPlus for remote operations with different radio.

In 2.1.1 Program Installation and Setup, 3. Multiple ini Files, I have created the desktop shortcut to N1MM, the path properties of which are: "C:\Program Files (x86)\N1MM Logger+\" Ini="Radio1.ini". In the N1MMLoggerPlus Documents folder I created a copy of the .ini file and renamed it: N1MM Logger Radio1.ini Clicking on the new desktop shortcut I get an error message: The INI file 'Radio1.ini' does not exist! So, I created another copy of the ini file and named it: Radio1.ini The result is the same, the .ini files does not exist. I am unable to see the problem. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.



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