Re: Score summary wrong in EDI file

Rag LB-Three-RE Stein-Roar

NA3M set this NRAU NAC and NAC VHF contest up for me. 
So he may know it :)

Best Regards,
Stein-Roar Brobakken
NRRL HF Contest manager

8. mar. 2018 kl. 23:27 skrev Kjell-G�ran Bergendahl <kg.bergendahl@...>:

I ran my first test with N1MM+ tonight. The program was very easy to use. Great. But... The test was NRAU 6m contest. In this test the score is given by 1 point per kilometer + 500 points per square (JO69 etc). The Score Summary showed the correct score all the time but the exported EDI file did not. The EDI file did not count the points for the squares. Why did it do like this? How can it be corrected. I thought that the points in the Score Summary was passed on to the EDI file. Any help on this subject is appreciated.
73 / Kjell-Goran SM4GRP

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