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Julio VE3FH

I operate in a similar way as others indicated (Mike, Bill, Martin) and I would like to be able to jump to a MARKed spot by means of the Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down shortcut.
I personally find the MARK label misleading, it should be labeled something like DNW or NIC for "do not work" or "not in contest" because, as explained, many of us have multiple reasons for MARKing a frequency and having to resort to Alt-O to store a label (fake callsign) in the bandmap is far from optimal.
Julio VE3FH

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The program is already working as it should.

MARK is for stations you do NOT want to work. We want to avoid them, not jump to them in the bandmap. For stations I might still need to work, but don't want to wait for the full call, I put in something like DX1, DX2 or the partial call.

Perhaps the addition of a MAYBE spot would be helpful. Instead of entering a partial call or doing a MARK, we could just flag the frequency as a MAYBE  which would results in with a "?? at 05:47:15". Those MAYBE spots would be included  when jumping up/down in the bandmap.

This way 
Gerald, VE1DT

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